Fearless Femme

Once I was fearless, blocked out the shadows and didn’t see or hear the noise and cries of the world.  Worse than that, I was numb to almost everyone and trusting and loving were just not something I could do.  Umtil now, I didn’t realize the power of blocking out life’s noise.  Life is noisy, […]


It’s the first day of 2016 and Im feeling angry and depressed looking back … thinking about life on the ledge for the past year and how much I’ve wanted to jump. No where to climb off or up … so very frustrating when it seems every window I knock on is locking me out…even […]

Rolling some pita pockets

Spent another weekday in mental fog and making very little progress in productivity. I’m still managing to survive on a small income and “begging” for a little financial assistance or guidance isn’t getting me anywhere lately. I’m just annoying almost everyone and especially my mostly non-supportive family (even words of uplifting encouragement from them would […]